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Artisan Beer


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A Complete Guide to Savoring the World’s Finest Beers
Gary Monterosso

Artisan Beer is a timely book. As the craft beer renaissance has broken out of the underground and into the hearts and palates of a growing army of beer enthusiasts, Gary Monterosso is the right soldier to lead this charge. His writing is informative and approachable and he knows his subject well, from beer-and-food pairings to beer-style demystification. Gary’s leadership in the field helps even the recently-enlisted earn their stripes.”

– Sam Calagione, President & Founder, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

“Having slogged his way from teaching to beer tasting, Gary Monterosso is a man who understands that while drinking beer is easy, understanding and appreciating beer is something else altogether. Here he wants to share with you how he made that transition, and how you can, too, with beer style synopses, beer and food pairing tips and a case of beer that is nothing if not memorable!”

– Stephen Beaumont, co-author of The World Atlas of Beer (with Tim Webb, 2012)

“Gary Monterosso brings his expertise and love of beer to his new book, Artisan Beer. If you love drinking craft beers, this book is the one for you, whether you are an expert or a novice to the beverage. A sure winner!”

Beer Connoisseur Magazine

Here is an introduction to the richly diverse world of quality artisan beers. As most beer lovers know, the world of beer has grown far beyond the common pilsener-style beers brewed by the millions of barrels by conglomerate breweries. Today beers rival wine in complexity, variety, and sophistication. In ARTISAN BEER, Gary Monterosso explores this new beer landscape to enrich the beer experience for every drinker.

The book surveys styles of beer, from ales and lagers to porters, lambics, and stouts, looks at pairing beer with food, and details a “dream team” case of 24 beers every beer lover must find and try. Also covered is how to hold a beer tasting, strategies for maximizing your enjoyment of beer festivals, how to select and store beers for aging, and much more.

Any beer enthusiast will find Artisan Beer a rewarding read.

GARY MONTEROSSO is an award-winning beer writer and teaches beer appreciation at culinary festivals and events throughout the United States. He has appeared as a beer expert on the History Channel’s “The Epic History of Everyday Things,” and has been a regular beer commentator on the Sirius Satellite Radio Network. He is a two-time winner of awards from the North American Guild of Beer Writers.



160 pages

6 x 9

Black & white photos

8 pages color photos

ISBN: 978-158080-168-3