Cape Horn to Starboard
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Cape Horn to Starboard


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With a new Introduction by the Author
John Kretschmer

“This delightful book will take its rightful place among the classics of voyaging literature.”
–Dallas Murphy, author of Rounding the Horn and Plain Sailing

Cape Horn to Starboard chronicles college-dropout John Kretschmer’s quixotic voyage to retrace the route of the clipper ships, from New York to San Francisco by way of Cape Horn. This “doubling the Horn,” as it was called, was a formidable challenge to ships exceeding two hundred feet in length, as they routinely battled headwinds of fifty knots and mountainous seas. Kretschmer and crew took on the Horn in a 32-foot sloop. This is his story of that voyage.

Cape Horn to Starboard is a riotous adventure, a love story, a tale of courage verging on recklessness—and an inspiration for any sailing enthusiast who dreams of sailing out past the far horizon.

John Krestchmer is contributing editor to Sailing Magazine and is a full-time bluewater sailor, having logged 286,000 miles at sea—so far. He also writes for Cruising World and Sail. When on land he lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.



6 x 9

160 pages

15 black and white photographs, 5 maps

ISBN: 978-158080-162-1

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