Fishing the Cape Cod Canal
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Fishing the Cape Cod Canal

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D. J. Muller

“This book will dramatically shorten the Cape Cod Canal’s notoriously difficult learning curve. By incorporating DJ’s lessons on tide, current, equipment and etiquette, new anglers will have a far less frustrating time figuring out the ‘Big Ditch.’ Fishing the Cape Cod Canal provides a solid foundation and education for fishing at the Cape Cod Canal–one of the most unique fishing locations on Earth.”

–Ryan Collins,

Founder, My Fishing Cape Cod


“Although I was a little skeptical of a book about the Cape Cod Canal at first, after reading it my suspicions were laid to rest. This book is a useful tool for the newcomer or anyone looking to sharpen their skills at the Big Ditch.”

–Roy Leyva,

Legendary New England angler and multiple “Massachusetts Angler of the Year” title recipient


Some of the best surfcasting in the world happens not on a beach, but along the banks of the uniquely positioned Cape Cod Canal.  Seven miles long and 480 feet wide, the Cape Cod Canal,  connecting Buzzards Bay to the south and west and Cape Cod Bay to the north and east, offers the striped bass fisherman unparalleled opportunities–a fishery unlike any to be found, on any coast.  The paths to successful fishing in this unique environment are fully explained in FISHING THE CAPE COD CANAL.

One key to fishing the Canal is knowing the tides and how they will affect the fishery.  Another is understanding the migration patterns of the striped bass.  A third is perceiving how adaptations in traditional fishing tackle—rods, reels, and line—must be made.  Yet another is developing awareness of which lures catch fish, and how those lures are best presented.  All these issues, and more, are fully explored in this exceptional book.

Welcome to “the Ditch,” and to the storied locations on its banks:  The Power Plant, Pip’s Rip, The Dolphin’s, The Cribbin, The Herring Run, Mass Maritime, Bell Road, The Stone Church, Murderer’s Row and more.  FISHING THE CAPE COD CANAL will get any surfcaster, from seasoned pro to brand-new angler, up and running and catching fish.


D. J. Muller is a recognized authority on Northeast surfcasting and has been fishing the Ditch for over fifteen years. He is the author of The Surfcaster’s Guide to the Striper Coast, Striper Strategies, and Striper Tales. He lives in Brielle, NJ.