Fishing Saltwater Baits
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Fishing Saltwater Baits


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Eric Burnley

“Essential reading for every angler looking to increase their angling success. You won’t find a more comprehensive reference to the latest bait-fishing tactics and techniques. –Pete Barrett

Serious saltwater anglers know that fishing natural baits is the most reliable way to catch fish. But success depends on using the right baits, with the right rigs, and fishing with the proper technique. Fishing Saltwater Baits details everything the saltwater bait angler needs to know to become a better fisherman. It discusses how to choose and care for baits such as menhaden, eels, mullet, shrimp, clams, spot, worms, crabs, squid and more. The book covers tackle, rigs, livewells, bait buckets, cast nets, and all other equipment in the bait fisherman’s arsenal. And it explores the techniques that bring in saltwater species such as flounder, striped bass, kingfish, pompano, tarpon, and many others, from beach, bay, and offshore. Fishing Saltwater Baits is an invaluable guide for
every saltwater angler.

Eric Burnley is the author of Surf Fishing the Atlantic Coast and is a regular contributor to The Fisherman and other publications.



160 pages

6 x 9

50 black & white photographs

ISBN: 978-158080-157-7