Pairing Wine and Food
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Pairing Wine and Food


Product Description

Handbook for All Cuisines

Revised and Updated Edition

Linda Johnson-Bell


“The superlative precision provided in Pairing Wine and Food should serve to
blur the divisiveness often found between foodies and grape nuts. At its best,
the palate game (played by both food and wine lovers) requires the most honed
tasting skills backed by a prodigious memory. Johnson-Bell has contributed a
splendid resource for the novice and expert.”


“Here is a handy guide explaining the tastes and aromas of wine and food and how this
knowledge enhances the enjoyment of both. . . . Useful for everyone from
beginning oenophiles to restaurateurs, this book is highly recommended.”

Library Journal

“The growing popularity of non-European cuisines has made food-wine matching even
more problematic. Nevertheless, there are some thoughtful ways to go about
picking a wine to accompany those enchiladas or that pad thai.
Johnson-Bell writes clearly about how food flavors affect the way wine is
perceived and vice versa.”


Matching the right wine to any dish can be the ultimate dining puzzle. Pairing Wine and Food, with its comprehensive, ready-reference lists of foods and their complementary wines, will show you how. With hundreds of international dishes listed, and a wealth of wines that go with them best, the book also covers how and why foods and wines taste as they do, and how those tastes blend.

This fully revised book takes the original 1999 edition and updates it for today’s vibrant international culinary atmosphere. This edition reflects the wider range of wines popular now, from South America, Australia/New Zealand and elsewhere, as well as cuisines such as Thai and Indian that are commonplace for food enthusiasts today.

LINDA JOHNSON-BELL is an award-winning wine writer and author (Prix Louis Marinier, Bordeaux). Born in the US, she studied and lived in France before moving to England in 1996. Co-owner of Notting Hill’s famous Portobello Gold restaurant and hotel, she is also the former Editor-in-Chief of Vintage International Magazine. She regularly travels in Europe working as a wine competition judge and has contributed to WINE, Drinks, The Henley Standard, Decanter, Wine & Spirit, and many other publications. She lives in Oxford, London and Venice.



208 pages

6 x 9

ISBN: 978-158080-169-0