Saltwater Fly Fishing
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Saltwater Fly Fishing


Product Description

Seven Strategies for Success

Capt. Mike Starke

Foreword by Lefty Kreh

Ten percent of saltwater fly-fishermen catch ninety percent of the fish. Here’s how to join this successful elite.

The book details concrete steps to improve skills and knowledge: how to gather information, basic and advanced casting techniques, reading the water, learning where the fish are, choosing the right fly, accurate presentation, hooking up and staying hooked, and more.

This clear, step-by-step approach will help all fishermen, from beginner to advanced, catch more fish in the brine.

Capt. Mike Starke is a saltwater fly-fishing guide and writes for Fly Fishing in Salt Waters and other magazines.



224 pages

6 x 9

50 black & white photographs, 4 pages of color flies

ISBN: 978-158080-102-7