Shattered Air
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Shattered Air


Product Description

A True Account of Catastrophe, Courage and Rescue on Yosemite’s Half Dome

Bob Madgic

Fascinating . . . . At once a terrifying story and an urgent cautionary tale.” – Publishers Weekly

A penetrating account.” – Booklist

If you’ve ever felt cavalier about mountain thunderstorms, this drama should fix it.”– San Francisco Chronicle

On the evening of July 27, 1985, five hikers made a fateful choice to climb Yosemite’s fabled Half Dome even as the sky darkened and thunder rolled. By night’s end, two would be dead from a lightning strike, three gravely wounded, and desperate EMT’s would be overseeing a harrowing midnight helicopter rescue.

In the tradition of The Perfect Storm and Into Thin Air, SHATTERED AIR is a compelling account of recklessness, tragedy, courage and rescue.



224 pages

6 x 9

16 black & white photographs, 10 drawings

ISBN: 978-158080-142-3

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