Striper Strategies
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Striper Strategies


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Surfcasting Methods for Catching Striped Bass

D. J. Muller

“A solid foundation for any surfcaster who yearns to improve their skills in every aspect of the striper game.” – Fred Golofaro, Senior Editor, The Fisherman

Expert angler D J Muller presents ten methods for catching striped bass, all of them effective, yet differing widely in their technique and the approach used by the fisherman. Muller details how best to fish

  • Sub-surface lures
  • Soft baits
  • Surface lures such as swimmers and poppers
  • Casting metal lures
  • Raking crabs
  • Fishing clams
  • Chunking
  • Live-lining herring, bunker and mullet
  • Fishing eels
  • Snag-and-drop fishing with bunker

Also discussed is tackle and rigging best suited to each form of fishing. Any striped-bass angler, beginner to advanced, will benefit from the cutting-edge advice in this book.

D J Muller is widely regarded as among the best bass fishermen in the Northeast and writes for The Fisherman and other publications. He is the author of The Surfcaster’s Guide to the Striper Coast.



192 pages

6 x 9

50 black & white photographs

ISBN: 978-158080-152-2