The Complete Book of Shark Fishing
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The Complete Book of Shark Fishing


Product Description

Milt Rosko

Here is a thorough guide to
fishing for sharks on all saltwater coasts. Veteran fisherman Rosko details
habits of all major gamefish shark species, including mako, hammerhead, sand,
tiger, white, blue and more. Tackle, technique, baits and lures, even
fly-fishing for sharks are all covered in full. Responsible angling for this
sometimes-threatened species is stressed throughout.

Milt Rosko has written over
1,000 articles on saltwater fishing for Salt Water Sportsman and many
other magazines. His books include Fishing the Big Four, The Striped Bass Book, and The Surfcaster’s Guide to Baits, Rigs
and Lures.



224 pages

6 x 9

45 black & white photographs

ISBN: 978-158080-107-2