The Home Physician
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The Home Physician


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Rolfe Cobleigh
Introduction by Neal S. Kleiman, MD

Here is a memorable glimpse into the home remedies of a bygone age. First published in 1910, this century-old guide offers plain-talking advice for the self-reliant folks of yesteryear looking to “cure what ails them.” The book is rich with remedies for a variety of common ills, like mustard poultice, mandrake, and “Indian hemp” (aka marijuana). No one today should follow much of the medical counseling here, but sometimes advice in The Home Physician could be read in health magazines today: “It is a good plan to have a quiet period each day of half an hour, when we may sit alone and dismiss all care and worry from the mind. We gain needed reserve power by mental and physical relaxation.”



256 pages

5 x 7