The Pocket Guide to Hold-Em Poker
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The Pocket Guide to Hold-Em Poker


Product Description

Ted Pannell

“A solid foundation for playing Hold ‘Em . . . Should be read before ever sitting down at the table.” –Gambler’s Book Club,Las Vegas
This guide is for the player who wants an edge in the hottest game ever to hit the felt.

The beginner can learn how to play the game and avoid costly mistakes. Seasoned players will learn psychological tactics that can keep them confident—and
winning—at the table. Whatever the skill level, The Pocket Guide to Hold ‘Em Poker will make you a better player, with such advice as:=
• Many inexperienced players feel they should be in every round. Not so!

• Watch for an opponent who keeps looking at his cards—players with good cards
don’t have to “double check”

• Play the same when winning as when you are down

• Fold even a good hand if you see you can’t win

• Watch for the signs of desperation in a losing player, and take advantage

These and many more topics are covered in this handy but comprehensive guide; plus there is a section on strategies for winning the newly-popular internet

Ted Pannell is a long-time Hold ‘Em player, having played full time in casinos and private games in Las Vegas, California, and Hawaii.
He has contributed to Card Player and Gaming Times.



80 pages

4 x 6

20 line drawings

ISBN: 978-158080-141-6