The Resistance Band Workout Book
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The Resistance Band Workout Book


Product Description

Ed McNeely and David Sandler

The use of elastic resistance tubing for exercise, injury rehabilitation, and athletic training has grown exponentially for the past several years. Serious athletes have been using resistance tubing for a decade, and now increasing numbers of everyday exercisers have taken to tubing for fitness, strength, and overall
conditioning. Resistance bands are portable, versatile, and exercise specific muscles and muscle groups better than exercise machines or free weights. The
Resistance Band Workout Book
details over 100 exercises using resistance bands for every muscle group, and also provides sport-specific exercises for a
variety of popular sports. Included too are instructions for tailoring your own workout and sample workouts geared for every level of fitness.

Ed McNeely and Dave Sandler are the founders of StrengthPro, Inc., a fitness training and consulting company with offices in the US and Canada. They have trained dozens of Olympic athletes and contribute regularly to Muscle and Fitness and other publications.



192 pages

6 x 9

50 line drawings

ISBN: 978-158080-138-6