The Snowshoe Handbook
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The Snowshoe Handbook


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Len McDougall

A succinct guide to the ultimate aerobic outdoor sport–snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing is undergoing a renaissance, thanks to a revolution in snowshoe technology. Veteran outdoorsman Len McDougall surveys the history of snowshoes, describes traditional and state-of-the-art snowshoes in detail with expert tips on selecting the right gear, and gives a complete seminar in snowshoeing on powder, hardpack, hills, on ice, and more.

Len McDougall is the author of The Outdoors Almanac and other books, and writes for Field & Stream and many other outdoors magazines. He lives in Petosky, Michigan-the heart of showshoe country.



6 x 9

30 black & white photographs

ISBN: 978-158080-083-9