The Splendid Little War
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The Splendid Little War


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Frank Freidel
Introduction by Prof. Mark Clodfelter, National War College

“‘It has been a splendid little war…’ wrote John Hay to Theodore Roosevelt as the Spanish-American War ended in 1898. Indeed it was splendid for the American public, but for the Rough Riders and other soldiers it was as grim, dirty, and bloody as any war. Only the
ineptitude of the Spaniards, and the luck of the Americans, kept it from
stretching into a disastrous struggle.

“A story that is sobering as well as gripping.” – The New York Times

Frank Freidel was Professor of History at Harvard University and is the
author of Franklin D.Roosevelt and other books.



256 pp

6 x 9

24 black & white photographs

ISBN: 978-158080-093-8