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Timeless Bounty


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Food and Wine in New York’s Finger Lakes

Thomas Pellechia


This book chronicles the beauty and bounty of the Finger Lakes region, including its historical inhabitants, its natural bounty, and the modern incarnation of those attributes as it pertains to local food and wine. The story is told through the wisdom of the people who have been and still are in the Finger Lakes region, from Reverend William Bostwick, who planted the first grape crop in Hammondsport in 1829, to Dr. Konstantin Frank, who revolutionized the wine industry in New York State by successfully growing vinifera grapes in the Finger Lakes, spearheading a significant American wine region.

The narrative continues with contemporary stories of winemakers, produce growers, and husbandry families that explain the choices they made and continue to make as they face the challenges and opportunities that the Finger Lakes region provides. The book also chronicles the active locavore movement that follows the march of fruits and vegetables maturing in succession from May through November, and features recipes from local restaurateurs whose cuisine is inspired by this annual parade of the region’s bounty.

With 100 color photographs featuring the people, food and wines of the Finger Lakes, this book will appeal to anyone who lives in or visits this culinary paradise.

Thomas Pellechia is a longstanding writer on food and wine, specializing in the Finger Lakes region.  He  is the author of WINE: the 8,000-Year Story of the Wine Trade and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting and Running a Winery, among other books.  He lives in Hammondsport, NY.



$18.95 paperback

160 pages

ISBN:  978-1-58080-175-1

Full color photographs throughout