To the Denmark Strait
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To the Denmark Strait


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Oceanographers Search for a Mysterious Current

Dallas Murphy

In Collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Includes DVD with 14 videos taken throughout the expedition by Ben Harden

“Dallas Murphy’s dispatches from the venerable research vessel Knorr, are beautifully crafted, slyly entertaining and always informative. The Knorr is a unique ship, able to pursue varied oceanographic assignments in near and faraway waters, and Murphy, who feels the pitch of the sea in his soul, is her ideal spokesperson. Murphy is a versatile and talented writer, and his reports in TO THE DENMARK STRAIT blend deep ocean science, shipboard routines and philosophical reflections in prose that borders on poetry.”

–John Kretschmer, author of At The Mercy of the Sea, Flirting With Mermaids, Cape Horn to Starboard and most recently, Sailing A Serious Ocean.

TO THE DENMARK STRAIT is a firsthand account of a modern oceanographic adventure. Dallas Murphy accompanies world-renowned oceanographer Robert Pickart aboard the research vessel Knorr on an expedition to affirm the existence and origin of a previously unknown oceanic current between Greenland and Iceland. Learning about this current helps us grasp the mechanisms that move oceans, and which ultimately power worldwide weather systems.

TO THE DENMARK STRAIT offers a complete multimedia experience of a scientific sea voyage: the vivid narratives of Murphy’s daily at-sea journals are illuminated by clear explanations of the cutting-edge oceanography that propels the expedition. Stunning photographs of the Nordic Strait and dramatic videos of life aboard the Knorr animate the experience, augmenting the text with the sights, sounds and motion of science brought to life.

DALLAS MURPHY taken part in five oceanographic cruises, on ships sponsored by the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He is the author of Rounding the Horn, Plain Sailing and other books. He lives in New York City.



144 pages

12 x 10

ISBN: 978-158080-173-7

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