Walking the Jungle
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Walking the Jungle


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John Coningham

More beautiful than most wild places, the jungle is also more dangerous, and the jungle of the Amazon, John Coningham’s home for over thirty years, sports
hazards to make all travelers hesitate. Meet tocandira stinging ants, killer Hylesia caterpillars, deadly surucucu vipers, skin-crawling bicho worms,
dog-eating giant otters, and many more creatures that await the unwary.

By turns anecdotal and practical, Walking the Jungle tells tales of the jungle and most of its dark secrets. Armchair travelers and true Indiana Joneses will benefit equally from Coningham’s unique expertise on life in one of the most dangerous natural habitats on earth.

John Coningham is a Brazilian novelist and teacher whose resume includes stints as an Army officer, cattle rancher, hunting guide and construction boss. He lives inBrazil.



256 pages

6 x 9

ISBN: 978-158080-108-9

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