Wine and Climate Change
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Wine and Climate Change


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Winemaking in a New World

L. J. Johnson-Bell


Climate change is changing how and where winemakers make wine. Increasingly erratic weather extremes are putting the world’s winemakers to the ultimate test. The classic fine wine regions, once temperate, are growing hotter, challenging winemakers to produce high quality wines in unfamiliar ways. Many of the negative effects of climate change on the wine world are already apparent: European vineyards in the heart of traditional winemaking areas, for example, are suffering lower yields due to both rogue spring hail and snow storms and increasing summer temperatures. “Vintage variation” has taken on a whole new meaning. But new opportunities are also presenting themselves: there are those wine regions that will cease viticulture, but there are also those that will adapt, improve and emerge.

This book will explore climate change in a wine producing context, discussing why climate is important to grape growing and how climatic changes can affect grapes and wine. It will cover each major wine region in the world, analyzing the likely trends and their responses. And it will cover the ways wine producers are coping with this very quickly changing landscape.

All this is central to the world of wine and centrally important to those who enjoy wine’s complexity and variety.


L. J. JOHNSON-BELL is an award-winning wine writer and author. Born in the US, she studied and lived in France before moving to England in 1996. Former Editor-in-Chief of Vintage International Magazine, in Paris, she regularly works as a wine competition judge and has contributed to WINE, Drinks, The Henley Standard, Decanter, Wine & Spirit, and many other publications. She is currently the wine columnist for France Today Magazine, writes for radio & TV, and lives in London, Oxford, and Venice.


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