Wines of the Finger Lakes
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Wines of the Finger Lakes

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Wines, Grapes, and Wineries of New York’s Most Dynamic Wine Region

Peter Burford

“Authoritative and well-written, exhaustively researched and thoughtfully organized, Wines of the Finger Lakes is a singular, exceptional work that affirms the Finger Lakes’ rightful place among important wine regions of the world.”

– Michael Turback, author of Finger Lakes Uncorked


“Peter Burford’s Wines of the Finger Lakes is a perfect short course for anyone interested in the Finger Lakes wine world. . . . For a working understanding and appreciation of the region’s wines and wineries, this is the concise, conversational-style book to read—and to have with you on your must-visit to the Finger Lakes.”

–Thomas Pellechia, author of

Timeless Bounty and Over a Barrel

Wines of the Finger Lakes is a great reference to the Finger Lakes wine region, perfect for the person looking to get a great foundation of what is going on here before making the trip!”

–Laura Winter Falk, PhD, author of The Culinary History of the Finger Lakes and President, Experience! The Finger Lakes

“Burford shines attention on the wineries . . . [and]  generously offers potential visitors history, anecdotes, and indication of the output at each. Readers will appreciate the care he takes in tracing the evolution and geography of regional winemaking.  His enthusiasm is sure to persuade readers to seek out the wines and wineries.  A welcome resource on an overlooked wine region. . “

–Library Journal, October 15, 2016


Wines of the Finger Lakes is an ambitious undertaking. Packed as the region is with wineries of all sizes, a variety of terroirs, and a mix of farmers-turned-winemakers, it is not an easy place to explain to the uninitiated.  Burford takes on the task with a good mix of approaches. . . .  The history and the explanatory chapters make for informative reading, but it is in the profiles of the individual wineries that we strike gold. Many are filled with interesting tidbits about the ventures and the adventurers.  . . . These personal touches and many others show the extent to which Burford researched his topic. This book is an excellent reference that should be added to your collection, or simply read as a pleasant way to learn more about a region of natural wonders.”

–Bill Dowd, “Dowd on Drinks,” Albany Times-Union


“An intriguing and well-informed read that will enhance the wine-tasting experience for visitors and residents alike, even for those with some insight into the area’s wine industry.”

–Ithaca Times

“Exceptionally well researched, impressively written, and thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in organization and presentation, Wines of the Finger Lakes is an extraordinarily informed and informative read that is especially commended to the attention of anyone contemplating a visit to New York’s Finger Lakes area in general, and who is interested in the rise of the American wine industry on the world stage in particular.”

–Midwest Book Review

“This book is a welcome addition to the wine lover’s bookcase and certainly a great resource for newcomers and visitors to the region.”

–Finger Lakes Wine Gazette

Wines of the Finger Lakes is a straightforward guide to New York’s most famous wine region and frankly the only one you need. . . .  The book’s final section, which covers key wineries, is its greatest asset.  The winery profiles are concise yet comprehensive. For each, Burford covers history, land and winemaker information, and a lineup of offerings. He gives you everything you need to know about a winery to decide whether or not you’ll taste there.  Wines of the Finger Lakes is well worth your time and almost a requirement if you’re visiting the region. Make the most of your trip to the Finger Lakes by consulting Burford’s quick and easy guide.”

–Eric Annino, The Terroirist

New York’s Finger Lakes region is rapidly establishing a world-wide reputation for its wines.  This book looks at the wines, grapes, and wineries of the Finger Lakes and describes how the area is evolving as an important locale for Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and many other wines.  The book looks at the grapes grown in the region and the unique effect of the Finger Lakes themselves on the region’s climate and wine-grape production.  It surveys the long history of winemaking in the Finger Lakes, beginning in the early 19th century, to a time when the Finger Lakes produced much of the wine consumed in the US.  And the book explores many of the most important and interesting of the over 100 wineries in the region that today produce world-class wines in one of the most beautiful areas in the eastern US.  Any wine-lover who lives in or visits the Finger Lakes, or who enjoys American wine, will need this book.


Peter Burford is the publisher of Burford Books and is a long-time enthusiast of the Finger Lakes region and its wines.  He lives in Ithaca, NY.